Article Which Pet Should You Get?

Which Pet Should You Get

Which Pet Should You Get

Article Which Pet Should You Get?


Getting a family pet is an event that brings a lot of advantages to every member of the family. Adults with pets can benefit from having someone to take care of in exchange for their unconditional love, and children can learn a lot about care and responsibility if they get a pet from a young age. However, the question of choosing the right pet for a particular family has always been very important, as not every household will be happy with a giant dog or a couple of goldfish. Choose your new pet using our helpful tips!

Finding the right kind of pet is one thing, but actually getting one is an equally difficult task. Luckily, you can do all your shopping safely and confidently with Jiji. Browse pets on Jiji and find the animal that will bring you happiness and joy for many years.


Goldfish is always considered to be the perfect starter pet – for example, for families with small children who’re not sure they can handle a more demanding pet, or adults who’ve never had a pet before. Goldfish are relatively easy to take care of, but they’re not that cheap to own – in order for your fish to be perfectly healthy, you need quite a lot of special equipment, including a fish tank, an aerator, heaters, lights, and water plants. Plus, fish can be a pleasure to look at, but there is not much interaction between the fish and the owner, so if you’re looking forward to an emotional connection between you and your pet, fish might not be the way to go.


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Some people may think that reptiles, especially turtles and snakes, are gross, slimy and cold-blooded, but the truth is that they make excellent pets for some people thanks to a number of reasons. First, turtles live longer than any other pet you can get – more than 50 years, depending on the species. Second, reptiles are hypoallergenic, and therefore the only pet people with allergies can get. Third, they’re not at all demanding when it comes to care.

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All kinds of birds are not as easy to care for as fish or reptiles – most birds are extremely social and need daily interactions with their owners, and some are very sensitive and can fall sick when they don’t get the right amount of care. However, smaller birds can be the ideal pet for a child – they’re not that hard to keep healthy and happy, and can give your family a lot of precious moments.


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Small mammals

Tiny mammals, or rodents, make great pets for families with kids. They don’t need large spaces and constant attention to survive and thrive, although a certain amount of care is, of course, mandatory. It’s important to know that rodents, with the exception of hamsters, who prefer to live alone, need to be bought in same-sex pairs, otherwise they feel lonely and their health may start to deteriorate. Rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs are all excellent choices.

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Cats are one of the family pet favorites, and for a good reason – they’re small, fluffy, playful, open to interaction, and somewhat independent, which means they can easily survive being left alone while the family is out for work. Nevertheless, cats need constant attention too, particularly veterinary check-ups and medical care. Cats can also be picky when it comes to food, so you may need to find the perfect diet for your cutie. If you want an active and loving pet, but don’t have enough space to get a dog, a cat can be your perfect choice.


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Dogs are an absolute favorites when it comes to getting a pet, but since there are so many breeds and types of dogs today, you need to be extra careful when choosing a pet for your family – some breeds may simply not be suitable for children. We also don’t recommend getting dogs that are too little, since they can be accidentally hurt by children, as well as giant dogs, because they, in turn, may accidentally hurt small children. All dogs need regular medical attention, immunization, training, and lots of love – then you’ll have a happy and active family pet dog.

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