Article: Victims Vs Victors, By Prince Uc Augustine

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Article: Victims Vs Victors, By Prince Uc Augustine

It is highly disappointing that Nigeria politics has created a despicable vacuum amongst Nigerians.

According to my findings, Politics has really played a major role in the current dis-unity in Nigeria as Politicians has often adopt Ethnic/Religion sentiments during campaigns to score cheap political points and to further divide the Unity we have enjoyed over the years as one big united Nation, just to win an election.

During campaigns, this politicians will promise to bring down heaven even when they don’t know how to do so, they will promise to construct bridges where there is no river and Nobody will be intelligent enough to ask how!! since the campaigner either share same Faith or emerges from same region/community.

During election campaign periods, Politicians often use their supporters as weapon of mass distractions to dis-organise their opponent or other public activities involving politics which most times results to bloodshed and lost of lives.


My questions to this desperation and bloodbath politics is enormous and I am yet to come to terms with what happens to those violence supporters when its obvious that defection is inevitable in politics?

Who is really the victim when a Politician, who’s desperation had once led his/her supporters to a bloodbath campaign against their new party? Will they(supporters) defect with such politician/politicians and face the same people who’s brothers had been attacked and killed during an opposition party campaign days? Or the supporters will remain loyal to the party even though their main benefactor had defected to the opposition party? This is really the question many sensible Nigerians have been asking without any tangible answers.

Why should anybody agree to lift a weapons or fight over any politician? Is it worth it? What happens to the supporters that may have lost their lives during the political violence? Will their families be compensated and their legacies/foolishness be remembered or it will be a case of one spanner lost?

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People really need to stop being a victim of political stupidity and unite against desperate Politicians who’s aim is to destroy and win by all cost.

It is our duty as stakeholders to constructively criticise Politicians in public offices not because they are not doing well but for them to see their lapses/shortcomings which might lift their ability to do more/better.

Exchanging abuses and fighting on social media has completely divided our unity as a Nation and its time for us to realise that those who gain from all the dispute and fights among the poor masses are Politicians. They will fight in the open and party-hard together in their normal gathering with clean chicks and cold drinks laughing off their supporters(you and I) stupidity.

The politicians often say: “there is no permanent friends nor permanent enemy in Politics but permanent interest which is the office they are all aspiring for. Does it applies to their supporters also? I bet to say that political supporters/follower  have become permanent enemies due to ignorance and gross stupidity.


May God heal our land and lead us to the right part and also sanitise our senses to realise that we are the victims and they are always the victors no matter the results at the polls. Its our civil right to vote and support our candidates but not to the extents of fighting against one another in the guise of supporting a particular politician or politicians.

I remain the Prince of peace and unity. Uche Augustine Peter popularly known as Prince Uc. #BAN President. 08159833203.

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