Wives on the Run, Episode 3 by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

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Wives on the Run, Episode 3 by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

Wives on the Run, Episode 3 by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

 Wives on the Run Episode 3 by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

Previously On Wives on the Run!

“What kind of witch is this tori olorun. You knew you were carrying disease and you still came to the city to stay. This woman, did they send you to me, oya get up, get up, get up.” She shouted and pushed her. She hit her head on the wall closest to her and died on the spot.”



Kate, a lady in her late 20’s just arrived from London after long years of schooling and working abroad. She is classy, tough and stylish. Making a call by the pool side, a man walked up to her. “Good day madam,” he greeted. She ignored the greetings and continued her conversation. Few minutes later she pushed him down with her hands.

“You are a crazy man, you could see clearly I was very busy on a call and you dare to interrupt” she yelled at him.

Quickly getting up and adjusting himself, he said he was sorry ‘ I was only trying to inform you that your clothes have been washed and ironed, I have kept them in your room” he said.

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Francis was a laundry man to the ‘Bassey’s family’. He has served them for so many years. “Go to my room and wait for me, I have some clothes to give you” she said to him while walking away. “Yes ma” he replied and followed behind her.

In Kate’s Bedroom….

Please help me with a glass of wine from my bar” she told Francis.

Handing over the glass of wine to her. She angrily poured it at him “who did you bring this wine for, are you mad? I am sorry ma, didn’t mean to. I thought you loved red wine” he said and went on his knees.  Let’s forget about that, I need something from you. I need you to make me feel like a woman, I want to feel you, I want you to touch me, hold me so hard.

She moved close to him and grabbed his c**k, pushed him to the bed and kissed him hard. Francis was not happy but he needed the riches, if she needs to sleep with him everyday for him to get  rich, he really doesn’t mind. His family has suffered a lot and his mother is very old and needs to be taken proper care of. He needs the money, he thought to himself.

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Everyday, Kate had her way with Francis and everyday she deposits 50,000naira to his account. She doesn’t love him, she just loves the sex, she loves the scent of his body. She wanted him every time, she was addicted to him.

*****Francis received a call that his mother was very ill and needed to undergo an operation worth 5million naira abroad. He knew that his beloved special sexual partner would be of help, he went to her and  went on his kneels****

“I don’t mean to bore you with my problems, but I don’t want my mother to die, I want to see her happy, I need to fly her abroad please, loan me the money and I will pay back” he said. She laughed so loud ” you, pay back 5million, you of all people and do you think in your next world you will be able to make that kind of money, ” she scolded him. “If you came here to play with me, you better end it, what do you take me for, a fool that will believe your words and say oh, my dear, take 5million. You must be stupid.

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Anyway, I don’t really loan money, I give money and I give with a condition. You see, I love the way you make me feel, the way you touch me, I mean, no man has ever done It the way you do and I really like that, I don’t want a suitation whereby I will give you the 5million and then you will run from me” she walked to the window.

“Ma, how can I do that, you are my benefactor, I can’t run, I am ready to do anything you want me to do, anything, please help me” he said.

“Anything you said? She asked twice.
“Yes ma, anything” he replied.

Marry me…

To be continued…

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