‎OMG Lil-Kesh in deep mess, could dis be true?


Rumor has it that LIL-KESH of ybnl refuses to jump on a rap dancehall track with CASINO and SAMBOY. Sources say lil kesh dropped by in the studio when the music producer nd rapper Casino was working on a joint with samboy (famous ibadan rapper), on hearing the beat, keshy got into freestyling which made casino and samboy join in too but as the heat was on keshy wasnt enjoying much of his lines as the duo (casino and samboy) kept lashing out bazuka lines which got oda rappers in the studio hailing them more than keshy. Lil-kesh opted out of the studio and refused to do a verse on the beat, as he had an interview that same day, that was his excuse for not doing a verse.we dont knw how true this is. But reliable sources confirmed this to our correspondents

Could this be true? Or is it that Lil-Kesh is not capable to be among ‎YBNL?

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