Tips on How to Effectively Promote Your music + List of Effective Channels That Can Help You

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In this post, I’ll take my time to explain all you need to understand about the Nigerian music industry and why you need to promote your songs using the right channels as an upcoming artist. As we all know, music in Nigeria is not what it used to be 10 years ago, it is an industry that has survived the test of time and I can proudly say, it is the best in Africa.

Music Promotion In Nigeria

Have you ever wondered why some talented musicians don’t get the fan base they “deserve” and the not so talented get a lot of exposure and are seen in the right places? Well, there are over a thousand and one reasons, some of which I’ll list and explain below…
· You’re Only Promoting On Social Media:

Don’t get me wrong. Social media, when used correctly, can have a massive effect on your success. The only problem is, since most industry guru’s and music promotions experts tend to focus on social media exclusively, the current generation of artists are spending all of their time posting, pinning, tweeting, hashtagging, re-blogging, liking, sharing, tagging, stumbling, digging, and cultivating the perfect “figure”, but in the end, without the proper balance, it all comes down to nothing.

It’s easy to forget that not everyone hangs around on these networks, and even if they do, they’re often tuned into only what fits their life-style; not something new. It’s important to keep your communication skills in top shape, to send actual, conversational emails, make phone calls, and speak with promoters in person. The worst mode of conversation, I believe is messaging promotional companies or industry people through networks such as Facebook. These often go unanswered, as these networks are filled with spam, and real messages get lost in the shuffle. Send a real, personalized email and notice the difference.
· You’re Not Showing Them The Money:

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I can tell you categorically that I’ve published lots of songs for up and coming artists without collecting a dime. Truth is, most top sites in Nigeria won’t publish your songs free, Something must be involved.

I remember talking to an upcoming artist who was lamenting and saying he was frustrated. According to him, he wanted his song on a music blog but the money that was demanded by the blog management was outrageous. He said “and they post olamide’s songs for free”… I couldn’t help but laugh.

Do you know the story of most of these already made artists? They were once like, begging for shows and paying huge amounts to promoters. You need to up your game, kill the pride, pay them to promote you, beg for shows. When you eventually make it, they will beg you and still pay huge amounts just to have you in their concerts.

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· First Time Introductions:

If you’re emailing or calling someone for the first time, you can’t expect the results to be overly high. This is another reason why good labels, radio promoters and PR companies get better results. They’ve established those relationships and they’re not saying “hello” for the first time.
· You Haven’t Differentiated Yourself:

This is a big one. You’re lost somewhere in the supermarket, and it’s tough for the store manager to find you because you look similar to every other child there. You’re certainly not “the blue child”. If anyone ever told you to “appeal to the industry” or write songs for the radio/etc, it’s time to throw away those silly notions because they’re destroying what your art could be. Often, the reason an artist goes unnoticed isn’t mysterious at all. You may have, in an attempt to be “heard by the masses”, crafted yourself into a generic package. You’re not really yourself. You’re playing to someone…a hypothetical creation. Be yourself, the weirder and more original, the better. If there are two people doing what you do, the odds are already against you. Be the only one.

Channels Of Music Promotion

There are various ways and mechanisms artists use in promoting their songs but I will stress on just two.

ü Online Promotions: An online promotion covers all areas of social media promotions which include- Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Where social media is one of the most effective channels music promotions, it is not without its own flaws.
Just like I said earlier, not everyone is a social media freak and most people who even spend time online won’t download your songs if you’ve not given it sufficient hype and radio promotion.

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ü Radio Promotions: Radio promotion and Online promotion works hand in hand.
Where online promotions gives people the platform to download your songs, radio promotion gives them an avenue to listen to it before downloading.
Radio promotion also gives record label owners and marketers the opportunity to listen to you song, who knows… a record deal might come knocking.

Below is a list of reliable music promotion blogs in no particular order….

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