War of the judges as Dance With Peter gives contestants free hand


Amazing Amy performing

Housemates in the ongoing Dance with Peter T.V reality show sponsored by Globacom will be at liberty to bring their own dance style this evening or risk being evicted from the academy.

With the theme “Bring your own thing or Go Home”, the housemates will battle to retain a slot in the academy.

Of the 12 remaining housemates, Marion X, Nekky, Messiah, Teejay and Miracle were put up for eviction last week after the week’s performance which was based on Africa dance steps including skelewu, galala, alanta and azonto. Viewers will find out on the broadcast of the show at 7 p.m. tonight on Africa Magic Urban (Channel 153)  which of them will leave the show.

The housemates are being mentored by the judges comprising Peter Okoye of PSquare, dance choreographer, Don Flexx and dance queen, Kaffy. Team Peter has C-Fly, Da Octopus, Miracle and Teejay; Team Flexx comprises Marion X, Nekky, G-Extreme, Kelvin, T-Rubber while Team Kaffy has Messiah, Amazing Amy and Julius Faktah.

Glo ambassador and Marvin Records protégé, Korede Bello,   will feature as guest judge on the show. He says he simply wants to be entertained by the dancers. “ I just want to see a great show and be entertained” he declared.

Ahead of the show, Don Flexx is boasting of his team’s ability to clinch the coveted prize.

“I feel my team members are the strongest in the show. I’ve watched them grow in this show and they deserve to be in the finals” he enthused. Wale Rubber, dance director, opines that “Team Kaffy have the desire to succeed and win and they indeed have what it takes to win the competition. Peter Okoye however insists that his team members are exceptional. “The audience can attest to the fact that my team members are exceptional. All I have to say to them is get out there and make it work.”

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