Why I once refused to sign on a fan’s boobs — Rasquie


Many artistes wouldn’t mind penning their autographs on the boobs of their female fans, but not Rasquie.

The ‘Soji’ singer recently revealed to Showtime that he once turned down the request of a female fan to sign his autograph on her bosom. He said, ‘A female fan once asked me to sign on her boobs, but I refused. And that’s because I feel it’s not decent enough when there are other parts of the body like hands, shoulders and others that I could sign on.’

The singer also lamented the fact that the Nigerian music industry doesn’t seem to respect people who reigned in the past. According to him, ‘The industry only recognises and respects the reigning champions. Once you’re no longer there, nobody cares about you again, and it shouldn’t be so. In the United States, there are some Grammy award-winning artistes that still keep making money from their music even years after they were released.’

He continued, ‘There’s more money now in the industry. I do feel good seeing these young ones enjoying the fruits of what we, the pioneers, laboured for. It’s just that they don’t give us adequate recognition.’

Rasquie also mentioned that he has been working in the studio and dropping new songs which are inspirational and message-laden. Finally, he said, ‘I have a label now, but we’re focusing on my career for now. After that, we’ll groom other artistes.’

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