B-Red takes the first step to being more than Davido’s backup Realease EP.

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What a time to be alive for Nigerian music.
2016 has been fraught with more sadness than
the happiness that we deserve, but Nigerian
music still keeps up its ‘shining light’ act. Wizkid
gets a collaboration with half the stars in the
US, Davido found Sony Music to cool his
exuberant heels, Dremo and Mayorkun are
growing everyday, and Humblesmith stopped
his sale of moi-moi, to chase his dreams from
God. See how far that has taken him.
But the real wonder from all these emotional
stories has just arrived. Move aside Wizkid and
all your arrogance, tumble down Davido and
Dele Momodu, a story so strong, and powerful
is here to take the throne as the 9 wonder of
the universe. Who can believe that in this
lifetime, B-Red has released a body of work?
Who can believe it, goddamnit!!!
But it’s a reality now. B-Red has an EP out.
After three years of toiling behind the
shadows of Davido, and being content with just
being a part of HKN Gang, B-Red has begun to
chase individuality and glory via content
releases, as opposed to being a big fine boy.
His debut project, “All The Way UP” EP, a 14-
track effort is out now and we can all finally
have a project to gauge the talent, and often
vaunted skill that he never fails to remind
everybody of.
We knew this year would be special for HKN
Music. After Sony Music breezed in with a gift-
wrapped deal for Davido, there were alarms
going off in some heads about the fate of his
supporting cast – Danagog, B-Red, Sina Rambo
and Deekay. Davido himself did not
disappoint. He quickly created a new record
label, Davido Music Worldwide, and spirited
himself and his light away to his new acts. With
advanced PR and marketing systems, DMW has
shown more verve as a unit on the music
front, than the HKN collective have mustered
in the past three years. Mayorkun’s ‘Eleko’
video, due to steroidal promotion ramped up
1 million views in 10 days. A record for an act
who is known only for being ‘Davido’s new
B-Red was the one to react to the foul play –
foul because such an arsenal was never
afforded them -, and he was rightly enraged. A
small scale social media war resulted in a
family gathering that settled scores, and let
sleeping dogs lie. But B-Red’s dog didn’t just
lie, he sneaked into the studio, and created
more than just a single. He put together a
body of work, which has now being released.
That’s how you reactbto adversity. You go
down, work your way up, and hit them with
substance. “All The Way Up” EP is that
For B-Red, this EP’s benefit transcends the
music. It is a personal statement of intent, and
reorganizes the singer’s career, transforming
his image into something of a serious talent,
and begins the extremely long and arduous
process to get him off the shadow of Davido.
With the release focus should not only shift to
promotion, but also thought should be given to
the recording of new songs to create an album
in the short term. That’s the only option
available to him.

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