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Eduvie is a Nigerian born artist bred in Delta state. She started out as a soloist at her local church children’s choir. She grew and further joined the adult choir of her church still at a tender age. Because of her passion for music and artistry, she created a world of her own, writing poems, short stories, songs. She began to see music as a way of life and listened more to Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and a couple of others amongst whom lately are Adele and Asa.

‘Jingling Heart’ is a blend of soul, jazz,old school, pop in a sultry and led back beat generally speaking to everyone pressed by life’s challenges to encourage them that with Christ and consistent persistency one can live beyond one’s limit and horizon. It was inspired by her life experiences and explains the thump thump beating of her heart when challenges were too trying and the jingle of victory when she overcame.



Its impossible to live in fear

Its impossible to pity yourself

Its impossible to feel regret

When you still have breathe

You don’t have to keep been weak

Living your life in shame

Allowing yourself be controlled

Believing all hope is lost

Turn your weakness into strength

Trample shame and forge ahead

Write that vision make it plain

Cos you’ve got Christ in you

Jingling 3x 

My heart sings

Sad times now and then

But they don’t define you

Though we make mistakes take decisions we can’t go back and undo

Just one little step to one direction

Each day and all is mended

With Christ in you and power of try

All doubts are cleansed forever

Its impossible to live in fear

Its impossible to pity yourself

Its impossible to feel regret when you still have breathe 

Its impossible to keep been weak

Its impossible to live in shame

Its impossible to be controlled

When you’ve got Christ in you

Jingling 3x

My heart sings

Thump thump was the beat 3x

But a jolly good music of the heart surpasses it all

Hey the chains are broken

Hallo brother the guilts are taken

Jingling 3x

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My heart sings.

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