“I only had sex with my daughter 4 times; her boyfriends impregnated her” – Dad

Hamza reportedly told the police that his
daughter was also sleeping with her boyfriends
and that they are the ones that should be held
responsible for the four months old pregnancy
his daughter is carrying.
According to the Nigerian Tribune, Hamza who
is a night guard, was arrested when a
neighbour reported the atrocity to the police
after he and his wife discovered that the lady
was pregnant and on interrogation, she
mentioned her father as the culprit.
It was also learnt that Hamza is a single father
of two following his separation from his wife
about 15 years ago when his second child was
barely a year old.
The children were reportedly living with the
maternal grandparents in Offa, Kwara State but
were released to a family member after his
family begged on his behalf to be allowed to
raise his children and for someone to help
around the house.
The arrangement was said to have held for a
short period before the suspect complained
that his the wife of the person his children
were staying with, was over-pampering them
in a way that would not help them in being
skilled in performing house chores.
This was said to have led the girl going to her
father’s house every morning to help him out,
but in the process, he started having sex with
her with her getting pregnant in the process.
It was further gathered that Hamza’s 16-year-
old son had allegedly caught his father in
the act » twice but the father swore he would
kill him if he ever divulged the secret to
During interrogation at the police station, a
police source said that the pregnant daughter
disclosed that her father had been having sex
with her before they went to live with their
grandparents and continued on their return.
She further revealed that her father always
demanded to know when she was
menstruating and strictly warned her against
having a boyfriend.
However, Hamza, a resident of Aroro Makinde
in Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo
State, admitted sleeping with his daughter but
said he was not sure he was the one who got
her pregnant as she also had other boyfriend
she was sleeping with.
“It is true that I slept with my daughter, but I
started with her when she returned to my
house in February this year. I think it was
diabolic attack from my enemies who do not
want my progress in film making that made
me do the abominable. I believe it was the
devil at work.
The mother of the children left me about 15
years ago and had remarried. I did not stop
her from taking her children with her. I also
went into several relationships which failed
because the women always left me after
taking money from me.
But I only slept with her four times. I am not
sure who is responsible for the pregnancy
because she has other boyfriends.
The first time it started, she came in to greet
me one morning and the next thing was that I
saw her getting up beside me.
She told me she was seeing her menstrual
cycle twice a month. Some women noticed
that she was getting lean and she told me what
she was going through so I took care of her
with herbs and her cycle became normal

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“After that, she would tell me ‘Daddy, I am
menstruating.’ I didn’t tell her not to have
boyfriends; I only asked her to be careful in
choosing a lover.
I don’t her to have an abortion. Anyone who
aborts is a murderer. She should deliver the
pregnancy so that people would know that I
am not likely to be the father of the baby. And
if I happen to be the father, proper
punishment should be meted out to me.
I was not even the one who deflowered her.
My son caught us in the act twice. The first
time, I was on top of her and the door was not
locked. My son came in and saw us.
He greeted me and asked for money for his
breakfast. My daughter and I were naked. I
had already withdrawn from my daughter
when he caught us the second time,” he
The police source say the suspect had been
charged to court earlier while the case has
been adjourned till August 29.

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